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My Health Pledge

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favourite doctor health pledge image

favourite doctor health pledge image

Pledges are very formal promises one can make to keep him or her bound to a set of people, activities or duties. Today, we consider it fit that you take a step closer to being more intentional about maintaining a healthy lifestyle by looking through these health pledges and saying them to yourself.

This is our way of keeping you motivated for the last lap in this first half of the year, and you need every motivation to get to your destination. Now say to yourself

I pledge to my health

To make healthier food choices

To focus on a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

To plan and cook my meals.

To always drink an essential amount of water

To workout regularly and get a good amount of sleep

To take the stairs sometimes and not always the elevator

To take a break off work when necessary and relax a bit

To avoid self-medication and seek professional medical attention

To often check my blood pressure

To always wash my hands with soap and water

To always stay clean and fresh

To always maintain a health skin

To always think positive, talk positive and stay positive

To always talk to a professional at favdoctor.com for every health need.


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