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Our Brand Story at FavouriteDoctor

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Today, you get to know our brand story at FavouriteDoctor and how we can be of help to keep that beautiful smile on your face

A family is the smallest unit of society. It is one of the most important foundations on earth. While growing up, l observed how the family (direct or indirect) sharpened us as an individual into becoming who we are.

In the family, you find Love, laughter, and joy, but when you lose someone close to your heart like family, this creates a scar that forever will be remembered. Today l will be sharing a story with you that birthed the Idea Favourite Doctor. Today is about us at Favourite Doctor and how it all started, please stay with me on this journey.

Our Brand Story

Here is the story from the founder.

A few years ago, I met this amazing woman called mama Bunmi, She was more like a mother to me. Mama Bunmi had all the qualities a mother could have. She had a heart of gold, always full of life, her smile could heal the deepest sorrows, loving, kind and honest. One Monday morning, I got hit with the most heartbreaking news.

What happened? 

My friend Bunmi told me her mother started feeling feverish in the evening and after a little while, She started burning up. Bunmi called our family friend who’s a nurse at around 1midnight but all calls proved abortive.

She told me since it was late in the night, they thought it would be best to take her to the hospital the following morning. Exactly around past three she began to feel too weak, they called for a medical ambulance but there was none available. Exactly around 4 am, she passed away.

This made me question everything about medical care in Nigeria, What could have been done differently? What could have saved her? Whose fault was it? What if she had a second chance?

My research led me further to see that a common system like 911 in an emergency situation is still not accessible to everyday Nigerians.

In an underdeveloped country, the rate of maternal and infant mortality is high. For example, Nigeria ranks fourth and eighth highest in maternal and infant mortality in the world, with a record of 814 deaths per 100,000 live births (maternal), and 69.8 deaths per 1,000 live births (infant). Put differently, at least 814 women die in every 100,000 live births according to the 2018 CIA World Factbook.

But imagine if there was a properly managed health care system with 100% confidentiality. 

Imagine! If there was a health care system that is quick and reliable. 

Imagine! an efficient health care system that places the needs and values of people first. 

Then just maybe a better Nigeria would exist. 

Maybe living gems like Mama Bunmi and Beautiful Mothers who lost life due to this epileptic health care system could get a second chance at life.

Just maybe there will be a low death rate and low maternity rate within the country.

Accident Victims could still stand a 70% chance of survival.

Maybe many Nigerians like Mama Bunmi would be able to receive immediate medical attention and be able to administer guided first aid through their mobile phone with or without credit charges at any time of the day to their loved ones.

Just maybe Daddy (Bunmi’s Father) could have been able to call for an ambulance using a more reliable health care system.

Probably they could have alerted a doctor earlier in the evening before things got worse.

Maybe victims of the end SARS protest would have made it alive to tell their stories if there was virtual medical care to help them.

It’s so saddening the way things happen but FavDoctor is here to correct all of that.

Where does FavDoctor come in?

FavouriteDoctor is a health startup that is bridging the divide in the health sector by connecting patients to doctors and other medical services remotely(TeleMedicine).

Our team includes a list of fully qualified and registered medical professionals which includes Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Medical navigators, Nutritionists who aspire to influence the lives of people positively through a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to correct the dysfunctional delivery health system in Nigeria. 

We realized that there are lots of problems facing the Nigerian health care system and creating a better world for ourselves starts with us.

We are passionate oriented people of diverse skillset who believe in changing the Nigerian health care story. We are a set of individuals from different spheres in life, who are interested in creating something positive and who would help others with the little help that they can offer to achieve a functional health care system in Nigeria.

We believe that by empowering users to seek personalized and pertinent health advice, we support will be able to create more robust medical care that meets their daily health care needs.

Our Vision Statement

  • To become the people’s favourite. 

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide users with unlimited health accessibility and health security irrespective of their social, economic, political, and physical status.
  • To enable healthcare providers to fulfill professional experience.

How do we help?

  • A Telemedicine service can be a substitute for face-to-face contact between health service providers and clients. This reduces the number of patients who visit the hospital. (Helps with Prevention and helps Contain the Spread of infectious diseases such as Coronavirus in Nigeria).
  • An innovative universal digital health record will help strengthen healthcare workers’ to provide high-quality healthcare, deliver essential information to national governments and support global scale.  It also provides an updated database of medical experts in the country. 
  • Healthcare Workers mobile learning & Patient E-learning platform: 
  • An E-learning or updated platform that Provides Educational and training content to health workers and health professionals.
  • Educational videos and access to clinical and non-clinical guidance for training reinforcement and updates on COVID related issues from WHO and NCDC. (Contain the Spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria) 

Journey so far

An MVP was created in June 2020 by using WhatsApp to connect doctors and patients to provide quick diagnosis and follow-up to patients. Thus far, this service has been offered to more than 825 persons from various states across the country. 

We have been able to cover five geopolitical zones out of six geopolitical zones in Nigeria. For extreme cases, referrals to the nearest hospitals for further assistance is advised.

If you are passionate about changing the face of Nigeria Healthcare System, you are a medical Doctor, you have an hospital, an Investor and volunteers. Join us on this ride!

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