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Stay healthy in the rainy season

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The rainy season is upon us and we get to enjoy our sleep without complaints of the rooms being too hot, use a colourful duvet, wear beautiful sweatshirts and hoodies,  enjoy freedom from skin rashes and irritations, enjoy some cuddles with our partners, and buy more vegetables for relatively lesser amounts. 

Also, this is a period when you hear people say that they are under the weather, that is, they are sick. Some hilarious comments are going on social media platforms insinuating that people with blood group AA are victims of the weather. Lol!

Well, it is important to know that the season comes with some illnesses and diseases like malaria, common cold and flu. If you don’t take care of yourself, you risk falling sick irrespective of your blood group.  

Knowing this will help you put some prevention checks in place so that we can enjoy the season without having to deal with ill health. 

So, how can one survive the season? 

Simple Strategies to Avoid Sickness During the Rainy Season

In the post, l have highlighted 5 simple strategies to help you and your loved ones avoid sicknesses during the rainy season.

  1. Stay away from the rain

The memories of playing in the rain as a child can be very refreshing but the aftermath of doing this is cold. This makes you vulnerable to a common cold (cough and catarrh) which is capable of messing up with your health, sleep at night and productivity at work. Currently, people aren’t even comfortable being around someone who coughs. The first thing that comes to mind of the people around you is “Do you have COVID-19?”. Never leave home without your gears, that is, your umbrella and raincoats. When you get caught in the rain, look for a safe place to hide and wait for the downpour to stop or reduce. Ensure that you take a warm bath, drink a cup of hot beverage and wrap yourself to give you some warmth. You could also use some balm on your body. 

  1. Wear Protective items of Clothing

The rainy season brings cold along with it and to resist it, wear protective clothing. Do not be found wearing light dresses and then you start to shiver. This is a season to move around in thick clothes such as jackets, sweatshirts, clothes made from denim and other thick material. Cover up your chest region and keep yourself warm. 

  1. Clean and clear your surroundings

This is a very good period for mosquitoes to be fruitful and multiply rapidly.  They do better in surroundings with stagnant water and bushes. See, malaria pills are now super expensive so it is high time you started waging war against mosquitoes. Clear the bushes around, clean your drainage, repair your window nets, use mosquito repellents and sleep under mosquito nets. 

  1. Consume Healthy Food and Exercise.

Consuming well-prepared meals, fruits and vegetables boost and strengthen your immune system to fight diseases. Wash your fruits, vegetables and food ingredients properly before cooking or before eating directly. Ensure that you boil your vegetables properly. Avoid overcooking them too. 

The importance of exercise can not be overemphasised. Go for a walk, jog around, read a book, play a game, and you can even do a fun and engaging activity. 

  1. Follow the COVID-19 Guidelines Strictly

Yes, coronavirus is still in action. Wash your hands regularly, use alcohol-based sanitisers, use your nose masks properly and regularly especially when you are outdoors, clean and sanitize your home and maintain social distance. 

With these few points of ours, we hope that we have been able to help you with the simple strategies to maintain good health, avoid falling sick and stay jiggy during the rainy season. Enjoy the season, Stay healthy. 

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