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Impacts of Effective Parenting on the Society

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Addressing Societal ills through Parenting

Your effective parenting can make a difference.

Charity begins at home. This is because the home is where every child should learn their first few lessons. Train one child properly. That child can train many others. Little by little, a difference is being made.

Parenting refers to the process of raising children and providing them with protection and care. This helps to ensure their healthy development into adulthood. It also refers to the complications of raising a child to become a responsible adult. Parents play a significant role in molding the behavior and attitude of their children

Types of Parenting

  • Effective or good parenting: This is defined as the ability to interact and engage your children in such a way that they learn and grow into remarkable adults. It demands both quality and quantity time spent with children.
  • Ineffective or bad parenting: This is defined as the inability to connect with children. This hampers them from moving into adulthood fully prepared. This is why some children lack the intimate and personal interactions needed to support their future development.

Styles of Parenting

There are different parents with different styles of parenting but today we are talking about four types.

  • Authoritarian parenting: I’m guessing we have an idea of what authority means. This style of parenting focuses on imposing authority on children without any exceptions. The children are not allowed to get involved in problem-solving. All the rules are made by the parents and the children only follow the rules
  • Authoritative parenting: There is only one difference between this and authoritarian parenting which is that the authoritative parents take their children’s opinions into account. They also invest time and energy into preventing behavior problems before they start.
  • Permissive parenting: In this style of parenting, the parents are more lenient and they only step in when there is a severe issue. This style of parenting encourages children to talk with their parents about issues and the parents here play more of a friend role than a parent role.
  • Uninvolved parenting: From uninvolved, we know that parents under this style tend to have little or no knowledge about what their children are doing. There are very few rules. The children may not receive much nurturing, guidance and parental attention. Parents don’t devote much time or energy to raising them.

Importance of effective parenting

Good or effective parenting is more important than a good school to the success of a child. As a parent. You are your child’s first teacher hence it is important to have a relationship with your child/children.

  • Children who grow under effective parenting stand a better chance of developing happy relationships with others in their life.
  • Children need to learn how to regulate their emotions under stress and in difficult situations which they can learn from their parents.
  • It helps to promote the mental, emotional and linguistic development of a child.
  • The child is able to exhibit optimistic and confident social behaviors.
  • Under effective parenting, a parent can help to lay the day-to-day life foundation for better social and academic skills of the child.

How effective parenting affects the child

Now that we know the importance of effective parenting, let’s move on to the next thing which is how it affects the child.

  • Effective parenting results in good children that grow to be responsible adults.
  • It helps to encourage healthy brain development and emotional well-being.
  • A child who grows under effective parenting will more readily express emotions freely and grow into a secure, high-achieving individual.
  • It helps to prepare the child for a successful future.
  • It gives a child the basic emotional and physical support needed to foster his/her complete development.
  • It helps the child to build better self-esteem and confidence

How effective parenting affects the society at large

  • When children grow under effective parenting, they have a lower risk of becoming a detriment to society.
  • Stable families produce stable adults.
  • Children with good parents turn out to be productive and lawful individuals.
  • A child with effective parents are prepared to be successful parents too.
  • Children with effective parents are taught to give back to society

What are Societal ills?

Societal ills are problems that influence society. They are a group of common problems in present-day society and many people strive to solve them. They include theft, murder, alcohol use, drug abuse, sexual activities e.t.c.

What are the causes of societal ills?

Most societal ills are caused by unemployment in countries like ours.

  • Unemployment: This is when a person who is actively searching for a job is unable to find one. It is one of the causes of societal ills, especially in over-populated countries.
  • Poverty: The poverty rate of a society can push more youths mostly younger ones into things they don’t want to do but because they have to survive by all means.
  • Illiteracy: People without good education are at risk of a lifetime of long manual working and worsening mental health.
  • Gender discrimination: Most of the domestic decisions are finalized by males as society is highly influenced by gender discrimination.
  • Lack of guidance to youngsters: Many of the younger generations of today easily fall into bad habits because they want to live and start enjoying money at such a young age.

When these youngsters are not properly guided, they get involved in anti-social behaviors.

How effective parenting can help

  • Parents are the first teachers of their children and it is their responsibility to instill good behaviors in them. Effective parents provide proper guidance for their children.
  • Parents should teach their children that both males and females are equal and none is lesser than none.
  • Effective parenting helps parents know that education is the best legacy any parent can give their children. Every parent should ensure that their children go to school. This is one of the reasons why the government has built public schools and equipped them with everything they need for sound learning
  • Teaching a child to be content with whatever they have is one great lesson. Contentment is key.

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