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The Best Form Of Investment: Hygiene

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The Best Form Of Investment

Every year 30,000 women and 40,000 babies die from infection caused by poor sanitation and handwashing practices which points directly to poor personal hygiene practices. 

According to the world organization report, the poor attitude of most individuals to personal hygiene is quite alarming and this is why a total number of 70,000 lives which accounts for 0.008% of the World’s population are lost. Considering these statistics, Do you see personal hygiene as the best form of self-investment? Would you choose other types of self-investment over personal hygiene which is an investment in your health?

Walk with me and let’s discover what our first approach should be when it comes to investing in our health through personal hygiene, which has factually proven to be the best form of Self-investment.

What is Personal Hygiene?

Personal Hygiene may be described as a principle of maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the external body. Directly or indirectly, we’ve been very aware of the basic importance of personal Hygiene over time. Especially when we sang them as nursery rhymes or presented them on cardboard paper at special school events. “You must brush your teeth at all times” must have been a popular saying then amongst us. But while some of us have done well to maintain these habits, others have failed to do so. Besides the most interesting thing is that it doesn’t really cost much to keep certain basic Hygiene principles. 

More Tips about Personal Hygiene

Maintaining a high level of personal Hygiene helps to boost self-esteem and confidence, and limits any chances of imperfections. How do you feel when you stand in front of your boss, or meet your colleagues after having a nice haircut or hairdo, shaving of your beards, dressed in a well ironed clothes and wearing an ointment with a sweet fragrance? You literally feel heaven on earth, and would want to hear them make a comment. Sometimes you can even do something to make them notice your appearance. So this points out one of the many advantages of maintaining a good personal hygiene. 

Types Of Personal Hygiene

There are a few types of personal hygiene on my list, and the under listed are a good starting point for building a personal Hygiene routine. 

Dental Hygiene

To so many, this means a perfect set of white teeth always shining in times of humour. But it involves more than that; a good dental habit can prevent gum cavities and bad breath.

Body Hygiene

We’ve got sweat glands all over our body, and bacteria breaks down sweat to create body odour. Washing the hair also keeps one looking all fresh and clean.

Hand Washing 

This is one way of avoiding various types of diseases. In recent times, the Covid-19 saga has ensured that this becomes a routine for us, though a few persons might still be very guilty of not doing this as expected. Certain times are very necessary to observe this as a routine.

  • Before any meal
  • Before and after looking after anyone who is vomiting or has diarrhea
  • Before, during, and after preparing any meal.
  • After visiting the toilet.
  • After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet
  • After blowing the nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • After touching garbage or dirty surfaces.
  • After handling pets or pet-related items, such as food.
  • Before and after treating a cut or wound

Our fingernails are always harboring dirt and germs, due to a touch on surfaces. This contributes to the spread of bacteria. Dirt and germs find a hideout under long nails, hence keeping them short serves a good way of reducing the risk of spreading infections.

Benefits of Personal Hygiene

Finally, on the central theme of the topic which is the reason why personal hygiene is the best form of Self-Investment, we’ll evaluate some benefits of personal hygiene. 

  • From the social perspective, good hygiene prevents embarrassment because so many persons will prefer to keep away from someone who probably has a bad body or mouth odour which could cause a feeling of inferiority on the affected individual. Personally I have a very strong sense of smell, and this makes me easily withdraw from people who have any kind of disturbing odour, both from the hair especially for the ladies, body, mouth, etc. It’s very necessary to clean up after coming in touch with food materials like garlic, crayfish, etc as these can unknowingly make one an object of mockery.
  • Maintaining a good personal hygiene gives one the confidence and courage to talk to others about their hygiene. Therefore it makes one morally fit.
  • Effective and good hygiene also has a way of reducing lost productivity; recent study in Germany revealed that the use of hand sanitizers, significantly cut down the number of days sick employees stayed off work because of colds, coughs, and fever during the inception of the Covid-19 virus.
  • Maintaining good Hygiene is a very great way of saving lives. How do I mean? Inadequate hygiene is responsible for a lot of the preventable deaths we encounter. It’s also believed that adequate hygiene could save about 8 million lives in the world. 

Besides, good hygiene practices can reduce the risk of contracting gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, including influenza and salmonella.

In the next article on Hygiene, I’ll critically explore the pathways to maintaining personal hygiene which will be centered on the types of personal hygiene, how you can maintain them, and the routines involved especially on very few hygiene principles we neglect that are very important. Get involved now in making the best form of Self-Investment. 

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