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Why We Are Different | Favourite Doctor

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According to the NHIS in 2012, public health as an important element of national security, not only functions to provide adequate and timely medical care; it also tracks, monitors, and controls disease outbreaks. Unfortunately, all efforts to provide adequate & timely medical care have only left us with 43.3% health access. This is a major flaw in the industry and this is one reason why Favorite Doctor, exists.

Who Are We At Favorite Doctor?

Favorite Doctor is a health tech startup that connects users to quick medical care. Perhaps you’ve had an experience with a primary health care facility or you’ve heard of Someone’s experience then you will understand that accessing “quick medical care” is very limited.

Akambi Afeso precisely shared his experience

where he pointed out not just the inadequate, poorly equipped and underfunded nature of the Nigerian Health Care System, but the unprofessional attitude of the practitioners as well. 

At Favorite Doctor we’re just more than a startup; we’re a team Of Medical Professionals including Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists And Nutritionists who aspire to influence everybody’s life positively through a healthy lifestyle. 

The Big Picture – Our Vision 

We have a big picture, and the picture we see every day is that one day everyone in the world will be connected to excellent and standard healthcare, same as the one we at Favorite Doctor expect for our own families. 

The Big Why – Our Mission

Data collection and record-keeping is poor because Nigeria barely has a comprehensive social register, besides major key players in the Nigerian health care industry still rely on analog record-keeping and data collection methods. 

A study of 2018 in the Lancet of global health care access and quality, ranked Nigeria 142nd out of 195 countries.

Over 70% of health care spending in Nigeria is out-of-pocket. This tells us that so many Nigerians have no health insurance of any kind and the poorest of people in Nigeria have extremely limited access to quality health care. 

All the above are the flaws and wrong status of our health care system which directly or indirectly poses a threat to our health, and a direct threat to life. Hence, we are on a mission to save and improve lives through mobile healthcare. We empower you with personalized and pertinent health advice and in doing this, we can support more robust medical care that meets your daily health care needs.

How do we do this?

Simply, we connect users to healthcare providers and empower healthcare providers for effective collaboration remotely. Favorite Doctor runs on a 5-dimensional wheel (Connect, Assess, Collaborate, Refer, & Follow-up). We connect everyone who needs any form of medical care to medical professionals; that means through us people can assess medical professionals, and we collaborate both with our users and medical professionals to reach out to more people through referrals while we follow-up on the users to get their feedback, and ensure they get excellent health care service from the medical professionals. 

What Makes Us Different From Others?

Expert Healthcare At Your Fingertips; call it the tagline or whatever you wish but the truth is that Favorite doctor makes it possible for you to have access to that health care you desire as soon as you think of it. Our user feedbacks say it all 

But asides that, we allow patients access their own health records and data, unlike the conventional health care system in Nigeria. We do this through our Universal System of Electronic Medical records which allows easy access to patients information at every point of care.

Favorite doctor has also put in place, an automatic follow up system that allows Health Experts to  follow-up on patients’ health. Above all, we see you as a family and that makes us want to deliver to you the same expert health care we desire for our families. 

This makes us at FavoriteDoctor different from every other. 

But that’s not all; you just have to visit us to get full details


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